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The many paths to wellness

Pick one and see where it takes you next. One thing leads to the next as they say. That is also about taking a principled and practical stand. Because for many today, the true path to wellness can be quite overwhelming. This is for those who have endured a lifetime of obesity and sedentariness. Changing overnight is not just difficult but is near nigh impossible. It just does not happen that way. A lot of folks can be forgiven for thinking that making the change is difficult. Most readers remain quite scared. But bear this in mind, one great mind once said that the greatest thing to fear is fear itself.

He did not say this out of sheer necessity. He acted out of personal wisdom. And if you know this much about the great man, then you’ll know that his life was not at all an easy one. It was quite possibly more difficult than yours. Whether he experienced personal happiness by the time he was on his death bed is hard to say at this time, but let’s face facts, historical facts as it turns out, his positive mindset rubbed off on a great deal of people, millions in fact. And what a great deal of difference that made. Just look where their followers are in life today.

The most challenging but quite possibly, most important path to wellness is the change path. Do not fear the road sign that says change is imminent. Take the realistic view that change is necessary. Embrace it as a necessary fact of life. Look at it this way, it’s quite exciting really; change is as good as a holiday. And who wouldn’t want to give their lives a break today?